SMP – Professionalism Confirmed by Experience

We specialize in:

Job site layouts (both segmental lining and pipe jacking)
Design of individual site assemblies
Manuals for equipment
Manuals to technological processes
Charts, diagrams
Job site management
All drawings in the picture and other job site drawings in this presentation were accomplished by Vasily Anishchenko using CAD programs

People trust us to do the most difficult things:


Research and development

Project development


Company mission:

Project solutions for underground construction and horizontal directional drilling

Repairing gas pumping and pipeline equipment

Designing tunnel boring machines and drilling rigs

Providing highly qualified personnel to international job sites

Equipment delivery

Repair and service of equipment

Marketing researches of drilling and tunneling markets

Tunnel Boring Machines and Technologies

Slurry TBM

The best solution for complex geological conditions: high water table, unconsolidated ground with high-strength boulders, silt sand, gravel, or hard rock.


Earth Pressure Ballance TBM

The best tunnel boring machine for clay, sand, and unconsolidated ground as well as soft fissured rock with relatively low water table.


Partial Face Excavation TBM

Cheap and readily available solution for relatively small diameter segmental lining tunneling projects for all geological solutions. Some of the TBMs can stabilize the face with compressed air. The machines can be very effective in relatively stable ground conditions like clay with rock inclusions or soft rock.


Robotic Drilling Rigs and Technologies

Vertical Drilling Rigs

Most of the vertical drilling rigs offered by the world producers use cables and winches, which is very expensive and complex for service and repair. Most of the rigs we offer are rack have a rack and pinion mast with a lot higher torque than any of the generally available traditional technologies.


Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs

Together with our partners, we offer new and used horizontal directional drilling rigs, we spent over 20 years working with our partners on MEGA and MAXI HDD projects. We can help you choose the correct drilling bit and make sure you have the correct mud motor for your mud pump as well as proper downhole tooling like reamers, subs, and hole openers.


Robotic Unconvectional Drilling Rigs

The drilling rigs can be designed proceeding from the requirements of your project. We can help you find any rig for any drilling application, even for something that has been considered impossible up to this moment.


Special Excavation Equipment and Technologies

Shaft sinkers

Shaft sinking is a viable solution to install relatively small diameter shafts for pipe jacking, sewage systems, or underground foundations. It works better in unconsolidated ground like sand and clay. Relatively small diameter and average depth. We have several used shaft sinking machines available now.


Rigs on Excavators

A perfect cheap solution for relatively small drill holes, pile installation, and vibro-compacting. Possible depth – up to 500 meters.


Inclined TBM solutions

Inclined TBMs for the construction of underground metro terminals at depths over 400 feet have been in use for a long period of time. We can offer used TBMs of the Type. Tunnel boring machines of this type in some cases can be reequipped from ordinary TBMs and we can help you engineer the correct solution.