Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig

HDD drilling technology has been in use since 1970s. After the pilot bore the hole is rimmed up to the diameter, which is sufficient to pull in the pipeline. A high priority should be given to navigational technologies: we can offer cable or walk over systems.

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Herrenknecht 250 ton rig heading to a job site in Turkmenistan in 2009. Job site description: pipeline diameter - 56 inches, length of the crossing - 1.3 miles. SMP specialists supported the job site.

The new patented vibro-anchoring systems provides 400% better support than the standard stake down tube in weak and nconsolidated ground conditions. The systems in the video is installed on UNI 40x55 produced by UNIVERSAL HDD in Illinois

The vibro-anchors can be installed on any HDD rig. This is the hydraulic vibro-anchoring system installed on UNI 25 in Lake Zurich, IL