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SMP is primarily focused on drilling and tunneling project implementation, we offer technical solutions, provide highly qualified personnel and equipment design and specification for underground construction and horizontal directional drilling. We represent several world leading producers of drilling and tunnel boring equipment all around the world. We always find the most cost-effective way to support our customer's projects.

The specialists of our company possess a wealth of experience in design and implementation of high-profile drilling and tunneling projects including tunneling, shaft sinking, drilling, SAGD drilling for heavy oil mining. We took part in such projects as 56’’ pipeline Turkmenistan-China (1800 meters of 56” pipeline crossing under Amudaria), South Stream (tunneling and HDD crossings), Transcaspian Gas Pipeline (with BP 2 tunnel crossings under a river for 48 inch pipeline 1 km each), tunnel construction in USA and Eastern Europe including metro tunnels2. Some of our projects are world records. We were responsible for engineering at SAGD well drilling projects all around the world at multiple oil fields in the Far North and headed the development of a new generation of drilling rigs and micro tunneling machines produced in Europe and USA.

Today SMP is one of the leading engineering centers in the United States and Europe. Our specialists develop project documentation for leading underground engineering and construction companies around the world, we participate in developing industrial standards for pipeline underground infrastructure. We offer access to the latest tunneling and well construction techniques, 3D CAD modelling technologies and finite element strength calculation of steel machinery pieces, tunnels and underground structures including segmental tunnel rings.

Research and development department of our company designs tunneling machines and drilling rigs and their parts for our clients. Our design engineers are experts in drilling and tunneling machinery, engines of internal combustion and even turbines.

We provide hydraulic and electric technical experts, PLC electricians, machine operators and other extremely qualified specialists with wide international experience in drilling and tunneling. They are able to assemble, run, repair and service tunneling machines of all types, drilling rigs, high pressure pumps, separation units etc. We prepare method statements in several languages. We monitor equipment fleets around the world and possess information on used and new AVN, EBP, TBM tunneling machines, drilling rigs: rope-type and rack-and-pinion rigs. We can assist in compiling equipment specifications, designing job site layout, finding the right type of equipment and all aspects of project engineering.

We specialize in:

Job site layouts (both segmental lining and pipe jacking)
Design of individual site assemblies
Manuals for equipment
Manuals to technological processes
Charts, diagrams
Job site management
All drawings in the picture and other job site drawings in this presentation were accomplished by Vasily Anishchenko using CAD programs

SMP – Professionalism Confirmed by Experience

People trust us to do the most difficult things:


Research and development

Project development


Company mission:

Project solutions for underground construction and horizontal directional drilling

Repairing gas pumping and pipeline equipment

Designing tunnel boring machines and drilling rigs

Providing highly qualified personnel to international job sites

Equipment delivery

Repair and service of equipment

Marketing researches of drilling and tunneling markets

Engineering and Education

We are ready to support your project with our formidable experience and knowledge. We do not charge for project analysis. In order to get our feedback, please, fill in the project information questionnaire, share all you can, it is not obligatory to fill in all the fields. We are always at your disposal.

For Education Curriculum, please, see the link below:
Educational Course. Underground Construction

Images and Models

Concept of Hard Rock Air Hammer+Auger+Slurry TBM developed by SMP.
Concept of slurry TBM for standard jacking pipes 800 mm (30 inches) which can be used for continuous pipeline installation and traditional microtunneling.